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What Are You Paying For?
Industry Standards and Local Data

I promote full transparency in my business so you feel confident about where you are putting your money and trust. I believe in sustainability practices and am incompatible with ideologies of unchecked growth.

My prices are formulated from a fusion of my experience, skills, and education, with a careful analysis and consideration of the local market. Excess profit goes directly back into the business and helps me provide more accessibility to the local community. Supporting Saule at any level helps me to provide greater access to care for the people of Helsinki.


Helsinki price ranges, for comparison:

60min Massage             55€-135€            Saule          85€

90min Massage             75€-185€            Saule          120€


What we provide:

  • Spacious heated table and therapeutic tools

  • Client-led care (professional, quiet, calm) 

  • Body-neutral, judgement-free space

  • Equity in pricing structure, alternative options

  • Limited client load per week to ensure quality

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