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Services + Pricing

What does your body need today?

relaxation massage

remedial massage

mind-body calm + ease + motion

prevention + injury + restorative care

body facing front, purple shading showing which areas remedial massage covers in-depth
front facing body showing which areas relaxation massage addresses
back side of body showing which areas relaxation massage addresses
back side of body with purple highlights showing which areas remedial massage addresses in-depth
blue dots are areas addressed in general for both massages. Purple highlights areas that are addressed more in-depth.
purple highlights show which areas are addressed more in-depth during remedial massage.

areas addressed

areas for deep work

pale green background box

Classical   /   Relaxation   /   Sports   /   Deep-Tissue

60 minutes     85 €     90 minutes     120        120 minutes      160 

Each massage is tailored to your individual needs to support your optimal wellbeing. All massages are offered from a

do-no-harm, relaxing approach, a wholistic way of preparing the mind and body for deeper calm or more intensive work.

Pressure can be adjusted from light, medium, to firm as needed.

pale pink background box
pale blue background box

Extra Luxurious Massage Offerings

60 minutes     9€     90 minutes     13€       120 minutes     170 

Magma Massage (Hot Stone + Warm Oil)

Hot stones and warm oil combine to melt you into complete relaxation. Basalt stones are heated to an enjoyable temperature and kept in motion across the body. Saimaa stones placed and held on energy centers, celebrating the connection to Finland.

Divine Massage (Global Techniques)

A seamless combination of intercultural techniques fit for a deity, to restore and refresh the body and spirit: Ayurveda, head massage, Gua Sha, Hydrotherapy, light lymphatic drainage, and energy work merged with muscle manipulation.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) : Community Care

Saule Massage and Wellness is committed to increasing equity in wellness environments in the Helsinki community. This looks like reduced rates and mutual aid offerings for groups that have historically and currently experience additional barriers to accessing care.

Reduced-rate relaxation or remedial massage for populations that can benefit from additional care:

Reserved for LGBTQ+ women/femmes/non-binary persons

Moon Massage (LGBTQ+)

60 minutes     4€     90 minutes     6€   

Mutual Aid Massage (BIPOC)

Bodywork for Black women, Indigenous women, and People of the Global Majority (women/femmes/NB).

Priority for Black women/femmes/NB. No-fee 60-min relaxation or remedial massage. Please email to book!

no fee

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