Sliding scale pricing is offered for 60-min massages to support an environment of care and increase accessibility

of health services to the community. Pay what you can afford within the listed range. VAT included on all pricing.

What does your body need today?

All massages can be booked by email. Some massages must be booked by email:

Mutual Aid, Packages, Yrtti, Pregnancy, In-home


55€-75€         95€               135€

60 min          90 min          120 min

Restorative, rejuvenating care with an emphasis on mind-body integration and systemic calm.

This massage works to soothe the sympathetic nervous system ("fight or flight") and ignite the parasympathetic nervous system ("rest and digest"). Upper + lower body, head, face, hands, feet.

Sports/Deep-Tissue. Focused, more intensive bodywork with the option for deeper muscle manipulation. Knots and trigger points are identified and addressed. Excellent for rehabilitation, pain, chronic discomfort, repetitive movement injury, chronic disorders, injury prevention, pre/post-workout.

REMEDIAL MASSAGE (Sports/Deep-Tissue)

65€-85€         115€              150€

Hot stones and warm oil combine to immerse you in complete relaxation. Basalt stones are heated to the appropriate and comfortable temperature and kept in motion when moving across the body. 

This massage uses traditional seed/nut oils, let us know if there are any allergies.

MAGMA MASSAGE (Hot Stone/ Warm Oil)

      -               130€              170€


60€                 85€                   -

Therapeutic massage geared towards those working in seated positions with repetitive movements.

If you need a quick refresh in the middle of the day or a longer treatment to counteract your work-life, this is an excellent choice! Focus on head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and back. 

Unscented cream or lotion used to ensure no-mess or residual oil.


60€                 85€                   -

The average adult human walks nearly 200,000 km in a lifetime-- that's a lot of work for our lower half!

This massage aims to address the feet, ankles, and legs with warm oil, hydrotherapy and invigorating movements to promote smooth blood flow and whole-body relaxation. A treat for your feet!

This massage uses magnesium salt soaks and traditional seed/nut oils.

90€                 130€              160€

DIVINE MASSAGE (Mixed-modality Relaxation)

A seamless combination of global techniques fit for a deity, to restore and refresh the body and spirit: Ayurveda, Indian head massage, Gua Sha, Hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, and energy work merged with muscle manipulation. This massage uses traditional seed/nut oils.

120€               160€              200€


Massage and tea meditation with local medicinal plants and a trained herbalist. A lovely way to ground yourself and explore the natural world, find calm and connection inside and out. Herbal allies change seasonally. Please email to book!

BIRTHING BODY MASSAGE (Pre/During/Post-Pregnancy)

80€                 120€              150€

No matter where you are at in your pregnancy journey, massage can be very beneficial. Space also held for people experiencing abortion, miscarriage, and fertility issues. Please email to book!

40€                  60€                   -

Reduced-rate relaxation massage for people that can benefit from additional care:

Reserved for LGBTQ+ women/femmes/non-binary persons


no fee


Community care for Black women, Indigenous women, and visibly-racialized women (+ femmes, NB). Priority for Black women/femmes/NB. Please email to book!

IN-HOME MASSAGE (Disability)

+10€ transportation fee

In-home appointments available for clients experiencing disability/limited mobility.

Relaxation or Remedial massage offered. Please email to book!


In addition to acute care, massage is prevention and maintenance, most supportive when gotten regularly.

Massage packages are economical, consistent, continual care for your optimal wellbeing.


4 x 60 min relaxation massages                        220€  (55€ x 4) 


4 x 60 min sports/deep-tissue massages         260€  (65€ x 4)


The Meritullinkatu location is 2nd floor, with ramps and a lift as well as stairway. The bathroom is very near down the hall. ​If your body is experiencing limited mobility or other issues and it is not possible to visit me in this space, please contact me to see if we can arrange an in-home visit or find an alternate solution. 


Most massages will have your body in a face-down position, on a massage table, for at least 30 minutes. If this is uncomfortable or inaccessible for you, let me know in advance and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. I have a slanted chest pillow available for larger bodies/chests and a floor mat in case the table is not wide enough to fit you comfortably.

I provide a private room to change in. I usually play instrumental music, which can be adjusted or turned off. If you have any religious, sensory, medical or personal needs, please let me know in advance so I can make it comfortable for you.