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Mind-Body Basics: Cellulite

Hey, let's talk cellulite!

For something that has been naturally occurring on bodies since the dawn of time, we've only started becoming cellulite-phobic since the 1920s with the boom of European spa culture. In fact, it still isn't even recognized as a --real-- condition: "cellulite", this narratively evil and unsightly blemishing, doesn't actually exist. Spoiler alert! It's just fat. Now stay with me-- we have been conditioned to demonize and otherize fat in it's many forms and, to make it worse, absolutely torment, humiliate, and subjugate people with visible fat. A lot of this has deeply racialized, colonial roots and we are well overdue for some completely different approaches to our feelings and actions around fat.

Anyway, back to cellulite. So, it's just fat. Bodies that experience regular hormonal shifts are going to be more susceptible to developing it, especially in the butt/thighs/legs region, but--and this is important-- cellulite can occur on ANY body. At ANY size. IT IS NOT AN INDICATION OF HEALTH, BEAUTY, OR WORTH. Our current societal narrative is that this harmless and extremely common body occurrence is something that needs to be hated and "fixed" at all costs. [Cue the hordes of "ancient alternative treatments" and "futuristic breakthroughs" spouting promises and pledging success, usually with a hefty price tag.]

I've always found it good practice to be weary when the industry who is trying to convince you that you have a problem is the same one manufacturing the cure.

Loves, there is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with cellulite. There is nothing wrong with fat. Massage can stimulate blood flow, repair tissues, address stagnation, and ease an agitated mind-- but in all likelihood (and anecdotal/scientific evidence) the cellulite will still be there no matter what techniques or tools we use.

It feels challenging to accept this. That's okay. I'm here to remind you that you don't have to like your cellulite-- it's okay to work towards neutrality toward it.

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