Kaja Matura  Integrative Massage Therapist, Clinical Herbalist Writer/Educator



My name is Kaja (she/her), your Indian & Latvian Massage Therapist from Hawaii and the continental US, now enjoying life in Helsinki.

I have a deep desire to create a more vital world for every body and I believe strongly in the healing potential and dire importance of therapeutic touch.

I have been massaging for just over 10 years and am consistently looking for new ways to learn and grow. It is essential to my practice to increase accessibility and care for populations and groups that may be frequent targets of inequity, particularly women, women of color, large bodies, disabled bodies, and LGBTQ+ groups. I make an effort to communicate clearly and make sure your needs are heard and addressed. My interest in your healing is genuine and I want to work with you to support that healing.


Saule Massage and Wellness is meant to be an environment of intersectional care.

Every body is welcome and will be supported to the best of my abilities.


Education + Experience

California, US Certified Massage Therapist (550hr), 2018

Vital Ways 2-year Intensive Clinical Herbalism Program, 2014-2016

Portland State Bachelor's of Science: Public Health Ed., 2011

Lane CC Massage Therapy Program (800hr), 2008

Unoffical training from Massage Therapist mother, 1988-Current

Private practice, wellness spa, in-home, on-location/corporate, chiropractic clinic, + event experience. 

What you can expect when you arrive:


The time you book is the time you will get--never less.

Rush is counterintuitive to therapeutic massage.


I address the body as a whole and use different techniques in different areas,

to suit your optimal health, wellness, and relaxation.


I will always keep you appropriately covered by a towel or sheet.

I will keep your personal information confidential according to GDP.

I will not initiate conversation during your massage,

but am happy to oblige if conversation makes you more comfortable.

 This is your time, guided by your needs in a professional healing space.


You never need to apologize for your body. All bodies are welcome.


Face and head massage is included in most massages.

I will confirm if that is something you would like during your session.

Sometimes jewelry can be an obstacle to smooth massage:

I will provide a space for you to place any jewelry if you would like to remove it.

If you wear a head covering for personal or religious reasons, I will inquire about

the best way to navigate that during a scalp massage or just omit massage in that area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.




Saule ("sow-leh") is the pagan name of the Latvian sun goddess, the embodiment of vitality, renewal, and regeneration. She is the bridge between worlds, bringing necessary golden warmth to the day and serving as keeper of the keys to the night. 

The tide of the sun rises and falls just as the systems of the body ebb and flow, a constant state of transition. It is in these spaces that we cultivate change, working with the body to redirect the flow in a way that brings us relaxation and well-being.

The modern world makes constant demands-- Saule Massage and Wellness exists to be a temporary refuge in the storm, an opportunity for rejuvenation. Rest is a revolutionary act and caring for ourselves and our communities is integral to our ability to thrive.