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We are moving!

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Exciting shifts in 2024

As I approach my 4th year in Helsinki, I am feeling the call to get creative and be even more unapologetically myself! Navigating starting a solo business in a foreign country has been a wild ride, and stepping into 2024 I am interested in exploring a more artistic and nonconventional take on my practice while providing deeper care and more luxurious comfort. I'll be moving into a lovely space in Hakaniemi, and going by the name Rela Noita, a play on a "Relaxation Witch". Relaxation has always been a core foundation of my massage practice (and I lean more towards witch as the years crawl by), so from now on I'm going to lead with that! I hope to see you all over there come January! I am still shifting a few things over, but you can find me before then:

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Rest and Ease,
Kaja Matura

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Type of Massage

Every massage offered is grounded in a client-centered "relaxation-based" approach, meaning that in addition to manual manipulation, we work with the nervous system to engage states of change in the muscles and structure. We address the body and mind to facilitate your optimal wellbeing. 

Pressure ranges from light to medium to firm and is adapted to suit the individual.

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What does your body need today?

Trade/Barter payment systems also welcomed! More info here.

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Length of Massage: Planning your Visit

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