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changing the way
we approach care

What sets us apart?

  • We focus on the whole person-- not individual parts

  • We center diverse client comfort, privacy, and needs

  • We believe in evidence-based care

  • We practice an analgesic approach:

    • We do not cause pain to ease pain


What does that look like?

  • Spacious heated table and therapeutic tools

  • Client-led care (professional, quiet, calm) 

  • Body-neutral, judgement-free space

  • Equity in pricing structure, alternative options

  • Limited client load per week to ensure quality

Your Massage Therapist

Kaja Matura

"I offer: Multi-generational knowledge, professional US 550hr Certification in Massage Therapy, modality trainings in India/Thailand/UK/Hawaii, somatic client-centered care, and a supportive atmosphere for wellness"

Offerings + Pricing


Classical / Relaxation, Sports, Deep-Tissue

45 min                          65€

60 min                          85€

90 min                        120€

120 min                      160€


Magma (hot stone)

Divine (global modality)

60 min                    95€

90 min                  135€

120 min                180€

Community Care

Saule is committed to increasing safety + equity in care environments by providing support for communities facing systemic discrimination and marginalization.


Moon Massage

(LGBTQ+ women/femmes/NB)

60 min                           45€

90 min                           65€

Mutual Aid Massage (BIPOC women)

Reserved for Black women, Indigenous women, Women of the Global Majority. Priority to Black women. Email to book.

  60 min                       no-fee

Workplace Wellbeing

Onsite chair massage for companies/ workers

Boost employee satisfaction

Spur productivity

Soothe discomfort

Build morale

We are committed to investing in alternative models of commerce and support a goods/services-trade economy. If you are interested in more information, you can find it here, or feel free to send us an email at info@saulewellness with your ideas.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

"A wonderful, relaxing and safe whole body massage."

---Anneken S

"A super nice and relaxing experience! Kaja is very talented, humble and the place was cozy with candles, music and a heated massage table. I warmly recommend!"

---Michael O

"Perfect relaxation. I felt so safe and Kaja was so professional. I will definitely go again and highly

recommend for everyone!"

--- Rosa E

"Erinomainen rentouttava hieronta päästä varpaisiin. Lämmitetty hierontapöytä oli mukava lisä hyisenä päivänä."

---Jyri R

"Everything was amazing.

All in all a wonderful experience.

Worth every penny."

— Toffe R

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